BSLS: Our Members Need You

Dear friend,

We know that there are many people and worthy organizations asking for time, money, and attention constantly. With that in mind, we will keep this short and hope to bring you something that may hit your heart.

As we start our second quarter, we have much to celebrate: more members and chapters than ever, more mentors ready to support our members, and more opportunities to bring good to our surrounding communities.

With all of this more comes more need than ever before. Big Sister Little Sister needs your support to take advantage all of all of the incredible opportunities that have come our way. So, today, we ask that you consider donating to BSLS.

Wondering how your donation makes an impact? Here’s a couple stories f about how BSLS has made a difference in people’s lives:

I have been a member of BSLS since it was founded … and have had the pleasure of growing with it through the years. When I was at Florida A&M University I desired to serve with an organization with similar values of uplifting young women through sisterhood and bettering our community. I have met long term friends who I now consider family and none of that would have been possible without Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program. I know that my experience at FAMU would not have been as rich and memorable without the bonds I made and leadership skills I garnered through BSLS. I am forever indebted!

- Kayla L., Member

Witnessing the works of BSLS firsthand, they demonstrate hardwork daily to bring every program and event to a reality for its members. Providing a safe space to expand, grow and gain support, I look forward in seeing the elevation of good works from BSLS. This non-profit is not only needed for our communities, but as a major stepping stone for our youth’s future.

- BSLS Volunteer

We are constantly honored by your support and hope to continue to bring this impact to all of our members, volunteers, and community members.


Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program